Healthy Soils — Callide Valley

The Healthy Soils Callide Valley group is based in the Biloela/ Wowan region of Central Queensland with membership being centred within approximately 70 km in all directions of the Biloela. This group has formed since the Biloela Landcare Group closed two years earlier. Most members had attended at least one of the Soil and Plant Nutrition or Grazing Best-Practice Training workshops held in the region. Members were looking for a method of continuing their education. A like minded group seemed ideal. As distinct from other NRM, Landcare and Beef groups, membership is not restricted to a district. Members who join want to be involved for the value they are gaining from activities. Many members also attend the Rockhampton activities.
The Callide Valley Healthy Soils group members are working together to improve the health of their community. They have a passion for improving their soil health, plant health and production. We generally recognise our soils and plants are not able to respond to climatic variations as they did in past years. Therefore, our role as custodians is to improve our soil and plant health where we can and to pass on relevant information to the community.

Members are enthusiastic about learning how:

  • To impact microbial populations and how this impacts on soil health;
  • To manage impacts on soil microbes and nutrient cycling;
  • To balance soil nutrients effectively;
  • To use livestock to improve nutrients and microbe populations;
  • To improve soil water balance;
  • To improve many more issues.

In its first two years, group membership increased to 16 families and businesses. Activities generally focus on soil health and plant health, with the aim of building knowledge with each project or activity. We are able to cater for grazing and cropping enterprises as well as comparing various management systems.
In the initial years, we have been involved with Central Queensland University staff to assess impact of management on microbial populations (Australian first), assessed the impact of nutrients on plant growth, conducted soil microbe analysis, developed compost piles, facilitated specialist presenters and workshops on human health, soil health and plant health, held a number of exciting field days in conjunction with local agricultural specialists and NRM groups and the Healthy Soils Incorporated group.
Please call us to discuss your thoughts or possible involvement.
Shane Kraaft (Chairman)

Executive Committee for Healthy Soils Callide Valley:
Chairman — Shane Kraaft
Secretary — Mick Alexander
Treasurer — Tony Bongers