A Healthy Soils; Soil Health and Your Wealth One-Day Seminar
is being held in Rockhampton on 21 May 2019


Want to know more about Soil Health and Your Wealth

One-Day Seminar
Your soil is your greatest asset. It is the essence of your productive potential and profitability. Soil health is also key to stress-free farming. The common catch cry is, “our soils aren’t what they used to be”.

In this fascinating half-day seminar, internationally acclaimed soil specialist, Graeme Sait, will help you reclaim resilience and profitability on the farm.

Seminar 1 – The State of Play – Microbes, Minerals and Humus
Introduction to Nutrition Farming®, including details of an emerging global
biological revolution, the drivers for this change, core concepts in Nutrition
Farming®, and the basics of balancing microbes, minerals and humus.
Discover why Nutrition Farming® is the shape of the future.

Seminar 2 – Harnessing Humus
In this presentation we will consider the role of agriculture in climate change,
the urgency of a viable game-plan to address global warming and we will
suggest ten humus building hints. We will also consider the pros and cons
of glyphosate – the world’s largest selling farm chemical.

Seminar 3 – Mineral Interactions & Disease (Part 1)
This presentation involves the essence of Nutrition Farming®, i.e., addressing
the root cause rather than treating symptoms. Disease is never an accident
and very commonly there is a link between too much, too little, or the wrong
form of key minerals including NPK and trace minerals.

Seminar 4 – Managing Microbes – Understanding The Most Productive Players
Discover the multiple benefits of nurturing your hidden workforce, and how
this can reduce your chemical bill. In this presentation, we offer a detailed
analysis of the specific benefits associated with three key organisms.
Mycorrhizal fungi, Bacillus blends, and Trichoderma together comprise
powerhouse tools to improve production and profitability.

Seminar 5 – Mineral Interactions & Disease (Part 2)
In this presentation, we continue our comprehensive look at specific
minerals and their link to disease. Here there is a focus upon nitrogen
mismanagement as a primary player. We will also look at identifying
nutrient deficiencies and the role of plant sugars in determining pest

Seminar 6 – The Magic and Myth of Cover Cropping
Cover cropping has become a phenomenon in regenerative agriculture.
Discover several reasons to cover crop, six core strategies for success and
learn how to avoid mistakes.

Seminar 7 – Foliar Fertilising – The Power of Direct Injection
At one point, foliar nutrition was largely practiced by those involved in
intensive horticulture. This application technique is now emerging as a
powerful strategy in all forms of agriculture. Understand the rationale for
this change and discover all the tips and strategies to ensure maximum
foliar success and productivity.

When — Tuesday 21st May 2018
Time — 8:00am to 5:00pm
Where — Rockhampton Leagues Club,
                Corner of George & Cambridge Streets Rockhampton QLD
Cost — $50 per person

Graeme Sait
Graeme conducts seminar tours across the globe each year. He trains soil scientists and Ag departments and he often consults at ministerial level. He is the author of two books and over 300 articles, and his weekly blog, Nutrition Matters, is enjoyed by thousands. Graeme is a sought-after conference speaker and his presentations are often described as “life changing”. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from this accomplished teacher.

Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea provided

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