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Healthy Soils Natural Sequence Farming FieldDay and Workshop

Guest speaker Peter Andrews (Natural Sequence Farming) presented his views at the workshop / Field Day.

During a tour of the property Peter commented and made suggestions on how to improve the design of the water and flood management work which has already been established on Bindaree, and assisted with the compilation of a water management plan to improve drought management on the flood plain. The plan included location and design of contour banks and erosion minimisation of the creek beds and weir construction.

The day included a workshop/ discussion and in the paddock field day.
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A Healthy Soils Field Day & Workshop Healthy Soils Field Day was held at Oombabeer via Moura on the 6thJune 2015 forty-one people attending.

The topic was how to improve pasture and animal health using natural energy systems in CQ and make a profit ($) with Naturally Energetic Grazing Systems.

Debbie McBryde & Mervyn Mason presented the following topics: —
What tools can we use to improve soil / plant / animal health?
What is natural energy? What is radionics / biodynamics / organics?
How does free choice supplementation work?
How do you meet MSA / PCAS specifications?
How do we make a start?
What changes can I make in my grazing / farming system?
How does biology impact my grazing?
How relevant is soil biology to me?
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The Healthy Soils Group hosted a Soil and Plant Health Workshop at Cawarral on the 11th February 2015 with thirty-seven people attending.
Graeme Sait presented the following Topics: —
The importance of Humus
Soil Biology and the Importance of Mineral Balance
Composting and options for organic fertilisers
Mastering Micro-Nutrients
Reclaiming Wellness

During a tour of Scott Aldred property he presented information about:
Planning, preparing and layout design of permaculture garden beds
Composting, planning, preparing and constructing amd planting Mandala gardens
Constructing and using a Bio Fertilizer Brewer and a Compost Tea Brewer
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The Healthy Soils Biology Forum with 81 farmers, graziers, agronomists, consultants and other industry practitioners in Biloela and 49 in Rockhampton attending on 13th October 2014 was considered extremely successful by participants.
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Newspaper articles

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Information to assist with identifying Dung Beetles in Central Queensland


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Healthy Soils Inc provided a written submission to the National Landcare Programmeto present grass roots views of the local Central Queensland Healthy Soils Landcare Group.

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Two Healthy Soils Inc representatives meet with Agricultural Competitiveness Taskforce
members in Rockhampton to discuss local stakeholders’ concerns about the future direction
of agriculture in Australia and in Central Queensland in particular.

Healthy Soils Inc also provided a written submission to the Agricultural Competitiveness Taskforce white paper.

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Healthy Soils Inc in conjunction with a number of local graziers are currently conducting a number of research projects on properties in Central Queensland to examine best practice management strategies taking account of seasonal performance of pastures including rotational grazing techniques.

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The Nitrogen Cycle
Plants require Nitrogen (N) to grow.
The Nitrogen Cycle
Image © BBSRC

To fully understand how the most precious agricultural resource functions a complete understanding of the natural balance in the soil is required.
If the Chemistry, Physics and Biology are in balance particularly within the Rhizosphere then the plants and the soil can effectively maximise the synergetic benefits in conjunction with the nitrogen cycle.
Soils 101