Green Signal Fly

Green Signal Flies In Central Queensland

The Green Signal Fly (Lamprogaster imperialis) of the Platystomatidae family was identified in Central Queensland in September 2013.

The Abdomen and thorax of the Green Signal Flies are iridescent metallic green, with red eyes. Their wings are transparent, the leading edge and base of the wing are orange. Their legs are dark orange in colour. The length of their body is between 8mm and 12mm long.

The Green Signal Flies increased dramatically in numbers until the weather became hotter then the numbers reduced. Furthermore, the rain and wind the also reduce their numbers.

Green Signal Flies were observed to be at their highest numbers on cattle dung and on the cattle in mid December 2013. No adverse effects were noticed on the cattle except that the flies annoyed them.

If there are any sightings of the Green Signal Flies in Central Queensland, could you please us with whatever information and photos you have available, Thank you.