So, who is Healthy Soils Inc?

Healthy Soils Incorporated is a group of passionate farmers, graziers, scientists, business operators and other urban based people who are excited about improving the condition of the soil and plant ecosystems in the central Queensland and Capricorn regions. We all want to learn how to be better ecosystem managers and to truly improve the soil and plant health and profitability of rural businesses. More info. . .

All of our meetings are combined with field days or workshops or other educational events that will assist you to improve your soil and plant health. Most of our members have joined because they have firstly attended one or two group activities and found the information and learning process to be valuable and stimulating. Some of the activities we are involved with are firsts for Queensland.
These include:

a.   Measuring the impact of farm management on soil microbes.
b.   Trialling foliar (spray) nutrition on pastures.
c.   Direct drilling into existing pasture using liquid injection.

We have access to specialist support from CQ University on our doorstep, Regional Landcare Facilitator, FRCC & FBA (regional Natural Resource Management groups) for organisational support and private organisations such as Grazing BestPrac who can assist us to make sense of new information. Our close linkages to these professionals make it an exciting journey to learn about our soil and plant health in the field.

Why is Healthy Soils Inc needed?

Too much of the focus in agriculture and natural resource management is about the negative aspects and the things which are not working (pasture rundown). For many years landholders, farmers and graziers have relied on herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals as management tools for their business models. With ever increasing input costs and reducing soil fertility a new approach to land management is required. Healthy Soils Inc was formed because no other group had the same vision around soil and plant health.

Our Vision is — "To support and inform the entire community in the implementation of improved Soil Nutrition & Land Management practices focussing on improving the ecology of our entire region."

Healthy Soils Inc conducts research, on farm trials and other methodologies to assist landholders, farmers and graziers to improve long term viability meanwhile reducing their reliance on chemicals; thus, reducing soil degradation and erosion.

Healthy Soils Inc Membership

Healthy Soils Inc membership is open to:

  • Primary Producers
  • Small landholders
  • Urban landholders
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Corporate businesses
  • Scientists and professionals
  • Especially YOU.

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If you want to be stimulated and excited about agriculture and natural resource management,
then check out some of our projects, come along to the next activity or contact us;
phone 0438 395 255 or email